Protect Yourself When Hiring an Escort


Hiring escorts from Portfolio Escorts can be a very fun and exciting experience. But you cannot forget about protecting yourself. On this article you will learn the best tips, so you can bring yourself the right quota of protection, so you can enjoy hiring your escort at its max.

Independent? No, thanks.

Hiring an independent escort can be seen as a good idea, but it’s not in fact. It can be a good choice, but you expose yourself way too much. That’s why our principal recommendation in these cases is to work directly with an agency.

2It’s due to many reasons, but principally because agencies solely work with top-notch women. If you want to protect yourself and your money, then make sure you SOLELY work with escorts who belong to an agency. There’s no need to take unnecessary risks, so don’t do work with independents and instead limit yourself to working with agencies.

This is the first and most important tip to remember. Because you will face higher risks if you work with an independent one. Unfortunately, there are many independent escorts who work with “gangs”. Therefore if you want to remain safe and protect yourself from passing through this situation, then your best investment will be to work with an agency, so you can enjoy your escort without putting yourself in unnecessary risk.

Looking For Feedback:

Of course not all escorts use their real name, they use a fake one. But the good thing is that in most cases they use such fake name everywhere, so you have high chances of finding reviews left by past clients. You must look forward to finding such feedback, because it will allow you to know how it went for them. You will get to know if such escort really does a fine job. If they are happy they will let you know it, and if they weren’t satisfied, then they will also let you know it.

3Finding this feedback is important, because it will let you know more about her reputation and the quality of her service, and if it’s safe.

If you work with an agency – which is exactly what we advise you – then you will be able to find in-site reviews and ratings. Agencies want to bring their clients the best experience possible, so the huge majority has these integrated review systems, so you can filter the escorts based on the rating and reviews provided by previous clients.

This is pretty much all you need to do in order to find a perfect escort without risking yourself. Do the right thing and follow our advice, because thanks to it you will remain safe and hire an excellent escort.

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