Never Sex Chat with Strangers

Sex chat sites, such as Omegle and Chatroulette, are becoming increasingly popular across the world for men and women to use. The basic process of these chat sites is that you log in as a user and you can chat or video chat to strangers. You can easily switch chats by clicking stop or next, which the person you are talking to can do too.

The only safe way to sex chat is with a professional service that offers sex text chat. Official adult texting services are secure and safe, and the person you are chatting with is verified and known to the company.

If you do get involved with texting strangers however, the consequences could be serious.

Faking their age

When youre talking to someone online, you can never be sure who youre really talking to. The person youre talking to could be faking their identity and pretending to be older than they are.

Pretending to be someone else

People can lie about their identity, so you never who youre in conversation with. People can lie, provide fake information and use stolen photos to pretend to be someone else and have a different persona. This can have extremely dangerous consequences as you could be passing on personal details to someone who is intending on using them illegally.

Police involvement

If youre sexting someone and they turn out to be a lot younger than they said they were, theres a chance that if found out, you could be reported to the police and face a number of charges. If youre found to be sexting someone under the age of 18, you could be arrested and have your name on the sex offenders register. This could jeopardise your future and where you want to work.


Being caught out can induce feelings of guilt, depression and shame, on both sides. There are risks to sexting, as you have no control of the images once theyre sent and you dont know how theyre being shared. Sexting with someone can also lead to blackmail, bullying and harm, which can seriously affect the mental health of those affected.

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