Apprentice Hopeful Used To Be A Couples Escort

Why This Is Great News For The Industry

It recently emerged that an Apprentice contestant used to be an escort much to the delight of people in the profession.

The nights are getting darker, the weather is getting colder, and yes, The Apprentice is back on television. This BBC staple is great guilty pleasure viewing, and captivates the nation every autumn. The contestants are always pretty colourful, but this year saw a wannabe billionaire with a very raunchy past as a professional escort. Its not every day you get a former escort competing on one of the most famous TV shows in the world, but its a very welcome development in our eyes! After all, the industry is filled with people from all walks of life.

Raunchy Richard

The Apprentice kicked off just a few weeks ago, but it was a certain contestants life outside of the boardroom that attracted quite a bit of attention. It emerged that Richard Monk worked as an escort alongside his wife Katie. Naturally, the press had a field day. Monk released a statement saying that he and Katie are in a loving relationship and have been together for many years and as many couples are these days, were also both sexually adventurous people. He went on to confirm that they were listed on an escorting site, but hadnt worked for some time. His openness and refusal to be ashamed of his previous career won him many fans in the escorting industry.

Couples are very popular

Escorting used to be an industry dominated by women on their own, but more and more couples are working as escorts together. Just like Richard Monk said, many people in happy relationships are sexually adventurous, and escorting is a great way to satisfy those urges and earn a little extra cash on the side. Theres nothing seedy or wrong about threesomes, and being so adventurous can actually bring couples closer together.

Breaking the stereotype

The revelation about Richard Monks past career really does a great job of showing escorts in a different light. All too often people think that escorts dont have any prospects, and that they are working in the industry as a last resort. Well, this proves that thats simply not the case! Escorts can go on to achieve anything, whether thats reaching the very top of the profession or go on to start their own businesses. After all, its a career that requires a lot more than just a pretty face.

Sign with a great agency

If youre looking to start working as an escort, then theres one thing to remember. Sign with a good agency like Elite VIP Models, and youll have the best possible chance of success in the industry. They really look after their high class escorts, and youll get to visit the most exclusive spots in London with some of the most desirable clients in town.

The sky is the limit for escorts

As you can see, working as an escort doesnt impact on your future success or happiness. Many people remain in the industry, but if you do want to change careers the sky really is the limit. As long as you sign with a great agency and work hard, youll find success in whatever you do. Maybe one day youll be a TV star whos proud of their work as an escort! Theres only one way to find out, and thats by giving it a go.

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